Understanding that there is a problem in having to go out to eat, there are many who are embarrassed to eat alone for many reasons. One main reason is that they care that other people might think they do not have any friends or are anti-social. On the other, there are people that do not like being surrounded by crowds. Also, many people feel awkward eating alone while being conscious that everyone is watching or judging you.

ONE! is a restaurant that caters to single individuals who would like to enjoy the possibility of eating out by themselves. We are focus to make sure that each customer is well serve and continue to provide excellent customer service.

Not only are we focus to provide a perfect setting for our customers, our food is deliciously good. Our food is an Asian style fusion that consists of a variety of different culture in one. We have a selection of beautiful salads, mouth-watery Dim-sums, and perfectly grilled meat according to your liking of beef, pork, chicken, or fish.

There is no better place than to experience the joy of eating peacefully by yourself. Come to ONE! and eat great fusion food that will have your taste bud screaming for more.